About Us

Discover more about HyberHost, including our inception story and the dedicated individuals who make up our team.

Who Are We?

Founded in late 2022, HyberHost emerged from the collective expertise of a team with diverse backgrounds in various hosting providers. Their shared vision is to establish a hosting company that not only embraces technological advancements but also cultivates a welcoming and community-oriented environment.

Fueled by a team boasting over 20 years of combined technical expertise in supporting and administering some of the largest websites globally, we are actively shaping the host of the future.

Meet the Team

Some of the awesome people working under us.

Steven Smith Profile Picture

Steven Smith

Managing Director

Adam Collins Profile Picture

Adam Collins

Operating Director

Luna Bowley Profile Picture

Luna Bowley

Systems Administrator

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Luke Hallet

Systems Administrator

Recent Blogs From the Team

Explore the most recent blog posts from the HyberHost team, covering everything from team introductions and exciting job opportunities to noteworthy updates and cool insights we can’t wait to share.

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