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Effortless VPS Reinstallation and Rebuilding with VirtFusion

Reinstalling or rebuilding your HyberHost VPS is a straightforward process with our Virtual Server Control Panel, VirtFusion. This powerful tool enables you to swiftly reconstruct your VPS using prebuilt templates for a quick and efficient setup. Additionally, if you prefer a hands-on approach, there is an option for self-installation, allowing you to manually install your […]

How to access game server files.

How to access game server files on WISP. Accessing files using Web File Manager Our Game Panel (WISP) has a built-in Web File Manager to allow you to edit your server files without having to install any FTP clients. You can access this by going to game.hyberhost.com and selecting the server you wish to manage, […]

How to create a PHP info page

What is a PHP info file? A PHP info file is a simple and quick setup that offers a wealth of information about the hosting environment and the PHP version being utilized. It includes details such as the PHP version, configuration files, active modules, and maximum request sizes. Creating a PHP info fileTo follow this […]

Installation Guide – cPanel/WHM on AlmaLinux 8

Introduction This guide provides step-by-step instructions on installing the cPanel/WHM control panel on AlmaLinux 8.x. Please note that a valid cPanel/WHM license is required for this installation. However, in most cases, you can activate a 15-day trial license after the installation. It is important to ensure that your server already has a properly configured static […]

Howto Set a Static Host Entry

Introduction When considering a website migration to a new server, it’s crucial to ensure that the website loads correctly and as expected before implementing DNS changes that redirect visitors to the new site. One way to achieve this is by tricking your computer or device into forcefully loading the website from a specific IP address. […]

_SRV record for TeamSpeak Servers.

Want to hide the port from your TeamSpeak 3 Server using an _SRV record? First we will need to get the IP of the TeamSpeak 3 Server, You can find this in an email or by viewing our game panel: Login to your nameserver provider and create a subdomain with an A record pointing to […]